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I told you

“What if we just pack up and leave?”
“Let's wait a little, I'm sure it's nothing.”

Eight months later you still regret that decision. But who knew things would turn up that way? Well, yes... her.

I told you is a tactical action adventure set in a southern European country that just suffered a coup d'état. Using stealth, interacting with the environment and making a good use of the few resources and homemade weapons you have at your hand, you must fight the forces of a regime that took away the only thing you had left.

An alpha demo is available on Steam.

Dear macOS users:

This demo is still not available on Steam because it is not signed and notarized. Please, download the game from this page and follow these instructions.



The Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of I told you is live!

Key features

  • Immersive single-player story
  • Weapons made of junk
  • Strong language
  • A reasonable amount of blood and violence
  • Plausible and credible puzzles

I told you


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I told you [DEMO] 0.5.1 (Windows) 1 GB
I told you [DEMO] 0.5.1 (macOS) 1 GB
I told you [DEMO] 0.5.1 (Linux) 1 GB

Development log


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Kickstarter campaign just launched: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juanlao/i-told-you-a-new-tactical-action-ad...

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